Orange [2020]

Orange is the skin of your face,
clockwork orange is the movie for your pace,
your words are violence that break the silence,
280 characters are the max limit
of your rage on the summit –
orange approves no death row pardon,
however orange likes to pay for the warden,
orange likes to simplify, complexity of world,
we say goodbye.
What is truth and what is fake,
doubt it for long, for charity’s sake,
guilt is the issue of other colors,
when they are colored,
a boot upon the throat not matters,
orange dresses to the nines,
words belted out, not always fine,
rude appearance on the stage
covers insecurity in the maze
of your soul, it seems, your dad did not love you –
you remain the little child that has no clue,
about true emotions, empathy, instead you sue
other peoples for not being like you – 
probably you will shortly recognize
that there are more things in your life,
throw away the orange color,
money does not heal the pain –
what could really help you out
humbleness and honesty – no doubt.

…And he said: “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. (Matthew 18:3)…

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